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What’s a Truss?

Roof and floor trusses are structural components used in lieu of conventional framed roof rafters and dimensional lumber framed floor joists. With a network of machine stress rated lumber (“MSR”), top and bottom chords and webbing to transfer loads, trusses span much greater distances then conventional framing. Our trusses, when designed by our staff, offer unlimited flexibility to our builders. For new construction, wood trusses deliver strength, economy, versatility, and environmental benefits.

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Roof Truss

Roof trusses sit on the top plate of the house, as a way to support the plywood roof and tiles or shingles.

Types of Roof Trusses
Common Truss:
The most commonly used truss, hence the name. Very basic design, not too many webs.

Attic Truss:
Used in an area where the a/c unit is being placed in the attic. Has larger openings and stronger support for the a/c unit to hang in the ceiling.

Gable Truss:
Used on the very end of a run of trusses (on the end wall). Gable trusses have additional webbing at specific spacings so the exterior materials on the house may be attached.

Scissor Truss:
Used to form the "vaulted" ceiling inside the home. The bottom of the truss rises on a slope to the middle of the truss, giving the vault effect.

Special Truss:
Given the right set of plans, our designers can design custom trusses for unlimited applications.

Floor Truss

Floor Truss

Floor trusses are used in multiple story homes and commercial buildings. They provide a ceiling for the first floor, while providing a stable floor for the second story.

Engineering Services

L&L's in-house truss design services are one more way L&L delivers a great product for less time than you would expect. L&L design professionals are able to give quick estimates on jobs and have your plans back to you within a few days. Once a bid is accepted, truss placement plans and individual sealed truss drawings can be provided within three weeks of order placement or better, based upon complexity of design and engineering requirements. (Learn more about Engineering Services)

L&L Means Quality

L&L Manufactured Components, Inc. designs wood trusses for every type of building from individual custom homes to builder subdivision tract work, multi-family apartments and other commercial projects. These truss calculations are then approved and sealed by Mitek Engineering, the world's leading supplier of engineering software for the plated truss industry.