Our Design Team

Our Design Team

The L&L Engineering/Design Department is fully staffed to facilitate all Estimating and Design requirements. Our staff designs every type of building from individual custom homes to builder subdivision tract work to multi-family apartments and other commercial projects. We currently contract truss design work for more than 20 major builders in the Tucson, Phoenix and surrounding markets.
WELCOME TO L & L MANUFACTURED COMPONENTS, INC. – We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you. We want to make sure that we give yu the attention you deserve when you visit us. Therefore please contact our office to make an appointment so we can better serve you. If you will contact Nate Benderson at 520-884-5355 to schedule your appointment. Thank you again for your business!

Quality and Creativity

L&L’s in-house truss designs are approved and sealed by Mitek Engineering, the world’s leading supplier of engineering software for the plated truss industry. Our knowledgeable and innovative design professionals are able to give quick estimates on jobs and have your plans back to you within a few days. Once a bid is accepted, truss placement plans and individual sealed truss drawings can be provided within three weeks of order placement or better, based upon complexity of design and engineering requirements.

Our Satisfied Customers

“L&L Manufacturing has been extremely helpful in our design work and they continue to be a leader in innovation in the manufacturing component business.”

“It is a pleasure to work with a company whose personnel are dedicated to quality, reputation, and response to the challenges and dynamics of the building industry.”

“L&L is our exclusive truss manufacturer and we expect that this relationship will continue in the future.”